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Tin Shed Distilling Co's
20 Litre Small Cask Offer

If you like rare, unique or hard-to-get single malt whiskies, or you are a small business, or a whisky, wine, sports or social club … or just have a lot of friends who like a dram or two, then this could be for you. Every cask of single malt whisky is unique and it doesn’t get much more unique than your own, exclusive, private cask.

For the sum of $3,850 including GST and excise you can purchase 1 x 20 Litre Cask of Tin Shed Distilling Co Single Malt Whisky Spirit. Two years later, you can take possession of your SA Cooperage cask, valued at $440, and the spirit, now matured into whisky and given to you in a mix of 700ml and 200ml bottles with your own personalised label.

What you get:

  • 1 x 20L SA Cooperage whisky cask, port and sherry wood mix.
  • The contents of the cask, after Angel’s Share, when aged for two years, bottled at cask strength for delivery (note: the quantity will vary from cask to cask but you can expect approx. 29 x 700ml bottled @ 46% or equivalent).
  • 22 x 700ml bottles and 22 x 200ml bottles with closures and personalised labels.
  • All excise and GST paid.
  • A guarantee of quality, subject to the terms and conditions of 20 L cask Agreement.
  • Insurance and storage costs paid, whilst in the Distillery’s control.
  • The option to refill your cask.
  • The option to put the whisky, or some of it, back into your cask for further maturation in your home or office.
  • The ability to rebottle the whisky at different strengths as you see fit.
  • A Certificate of Cask Ownership, 20L Cask Agreement and your nominated name on your cask.
  • The opportunity, by appointment, to visit your cask.
  • The benefit of the Distillery staffs’ knowledge and experience.

What you don’t get:

  • Freight cost.
  • A tap for your cask (they tend to get broken off and develop leaks).
  • Use of the ‘Iniquity’ brand name.

What we get:

  • $3,850 per cask, on commencement of the 20L Cask Agreement.
  • Liability for payment of  GST and excise on your cask and contents.
  • 1 x 30ml control sample.
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