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Good Company

The Company

Tin Shed Distilling Company Pty Ltd is a partnership of like-minded and experienced distillers who share a dream of producing quality whisky from local South Australian ingredients. The company commenced distilling in the middle of 2013 and 'INIQUITY' was born.

The Brand

‘INIQUITY’... sinful, immoral, or wicked. An appropriate name really, because anything this good is usually illegal, sinful... or just plain fattening! We say, reward yourself with a dram of liquid sunshine at the end of a hard day... or just because you deserve one of life’s wicked pleasures.

The Bird

While it looks a lot like a double-headed Phoenix, an ancient mythical bird, it also resembles the Piping Shrike, which appears on the flag of South Australia. Sitting, as it does, on a strand of barbed wire, our bird proclaims our South Australian heritage and the difficult journey travelled in realising our dream. One head looks back to the distilling traditions of the past and the other looks to the future and our philosophy.