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A Real Journey

A Journey in Spirit

Starting a distillery from scratch is a mad cap idea, or so some might conclude after investigating the logistics of turning such a dream into reality! It does take determination, dedication and an unshakeable belief in that dream. In a sense it is a real journey in spirit, even before the first spirit starts flowing from the stills.

Tin Shed has been built on this spirit. Every step of the process we employ is hands on; from milling the malt, stirring the mash, making the cut and moving the barrels, to judging which casks to use, bottling, labelling and shipping bottles of INIQUITY to our clients and friends.

True, we are more hands-on than some may consider necessary, but that is the way we choose to make INIQUITY because we believe our way produces the depth of flavour we demand of our whiskies. In short, we simply would not do it any other way.

Bringing our whisky, INIQUITY, to the market has been a real journey and has tested our individual and collective spirit at every step! But we are proud of what we have achieved. We now invite you to share our passion, and enjoy your own journey in spirit, our spirit, INIQUITY.