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It is comming up for a year since we last wrote a newsletter telling our Den Members what is going on at the distillery, what we have achieved and what we hope to achieve in the forseeable future, and that is really just too long between drinks, so to speak!

Last year we doubled production compared to the year before, and this year we doubled that again.  Next year we expect to double production yet again with the help of some more fermenters and some other equipment that will help us ferment more efficiently and more frequently than ever before.  Chief amongst this new stuff is a roof covered in solar panels that will take the sting out of our power bills and make a significant reduction to our greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar panels will help with emissions, and power bills

Notwithstanding this impressive growth, we are still a micro distiller by world standards and not even large by Australian standards.  Iniquity will be in short supply for some years to come, so grab it while you can.

We do not enter our spirit in many competitions.  Competitions are expensive and in our case by the time the results come out, we have sold the whisky we entered, so what is the point?  That said, we did enter Gold Batch 003 in the World Whisky Awards and won gold with it.  That was a satisfying moment and justified our bottling of that batch as a two year old. Far more useful, and fun, is the feedback we get from Den Members and the drinking public when we attend whisky shows.  None more so than when Charlie Maclean and Dave Broom sought us out at Whisky & Dreams in Melbourne this year to congratulate us on what Charlie described as one of the most extrordinary drams he had ever tasted.  Whilst we took great pleasure from this praise, the highlight of the year was when a regular at the Oak Barrel Whiksy Fair came up and told us that in his opinion, Iniquity was always up there with the best of the Australian whiskies on show, but more importantly we had never bottled a dud.  Feedback like that is worth more to us than a drawer full of medals and awards.

Charlie Maclean with Ian at Whisky and Dreams in Melbourne


Batch 013 will be bottled and ready to go by the end of October, and cask #58, the sister barrel to cask #57 that became gold batch 003, will be released either just before or just after Christmas.  We have filled a number of ex-wine barrels this year and several of them are showing exceptional promise.  We particularly have our eyes on some spirit that started out in sherry and port casks, but has now been married in a French Oak Chardonay cask.  It is different and delightful and might make it into a bottle next year. 

Here at The Shed we have never been fans of  Bourbon casks, but a couple of years back we did fill a few when we couldn't get our hands on our usual barrels.  This forced experiment has opened our eyes to the potential of Bourbon casks and we intend to fill a series of them in the coming months.  So far the indications are for classic Bourbon Cask flavours enriched by our typical oily malt character, like a speyside on steroids! 

We also have three different types of peat plus our famous Mallee Root smoke with which to fascinate the palate when used in conjunction with some second and third fill barrels.  It has been our experience that first fill barrels just gobble up any peat or smoky chacterisitcs in the new make, so we save the smoky spirit for second and third fill barrels now.

2019 will see Iniquity at shows in Perth and Brisbane in addition to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, spreading the word on Iniquity futher than ever before.  If you see Iniquity at a whisky show next year drop by, introduce yourself and enjoy a dram on us.

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