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News from The Shed March 2020

Andrew Derbidge is a whisky commentator, one of the best.  When he writes something it is worth reading as his opinions are well considered, well researched and well written.  Andrew recently put forward the proposition that some Australian Whisky producers were producing expressions that are awash with tannins and wine extractions and calling this the"Australian Style".  (Read it here)  Andrew put a strong argument that it is more appropriate to describe such bottlings as the "Australian Fault" and that this view is the dominant perception of international judges and commentators.

Here at The Shed we agree with Andrew, to a point.  We certainly have a few barrels of whisky that make us pucker our lips and wince when we try them, but we also have a few that whilst on the same path to maturation, are really quite delicious.

We put forward the view that heavily oaked Australian whiskies, with lots of extraction of colour, wine flavour and tannins are both a style and a fault.  You, the consumer, can decide how far down the "Track to Tannin Torture" is too far.

Next Week Tin Shed is releasing Batch 018.  Whilst many of our recent releases have been on the lighter side, batch 018 is a return to the dark side for us.  Just enough port wine and oak extraction to be tasty, not so much as to make you regret trying it.

We are interested in your view on this topic, so please get on the outside of some batch 018 and tell us what you think.

Cheers from The Shed

News from The Shed March 2020
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